Thursday, April 14, 2011

Opening the floodgates

So into the nebulous world of cyberspace I go.  This is my first and only blog.  I'm not quite sure what to do with it, but I'm assuming I just use this internet soap box to say what's on my mind.  So thanks for taking the time to check this out, I'll try and keep this as up to date with my terrible rambling as I possibly can.

As for the purpose for this blog;  I have written a book called (There's) No Place like Home.  I published it online by myself because I realized waiting around for NY Publishing houses and agents to tell me "No" and settle for a terrible rehashed novel with the super glossy cover to clog the shelves of local grocery and book stores.  This is America.  We take risks and we do things the hard way, but we do them our way.  This book, and my business; will live and die with the idea that  the internet is the next front in forging your own path through all the chaos.  

There's a few places to find my book, but it is an eBook and can only be viewed on your computer or your Kindle.

Smashwords.  Free 26 page preview and multiple versions to download.  Where I first published it.

Amazon.  Quickest way to download it onto your Kindle.

Feedback is much appreciated!